Chunrui Company implements the mass line and pays attention to details

Chunrui Company implements the mass line and pays attention to details

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Chunrui Company implements the mass line and pays attention to details

  The company actively responded to the party’s mass line education and practice activities organized by the Party Committee of Luoqi Town, and closely focused on the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "strictly self-cultivation, strict use of power, strict self-discipline, practical work, entrepreneurship, and life". The requirements of "Three Stricts and Three Realities", combined with the characteristics of management work, pay attention to the details, methods, and facts, so that the company develops in a more orderly manner.
  At the beginning of the year, the company’s factory policy "Strengthen specifications, pay attention to details, strengthen learning, and enhance capabilities" in the "Strengthen specifications, pay attention to details" corresponds to the details required by the mass line. Therefore, in order to better implement the content of the factory policy, Actively practicing the mass line, the company has done the following work:
  1. Strengthen staff training to ensure safe production
  Strengthen employee publicity, training and education. The company’s leaders actively organized the safety supervision department to formulate detailed employee training plans, and carried out various forms of publicity and education work in terms of safety production policies, safety laws and regulations, safety management systems, safety operation procedures, safety prevention skills and awareness, etc., so that employees could Clearly recognize the importance of safety, and everyone starts safe production from me. Improve the overall quality of employees in an all-round way, effectively reduce or even prevent accidents.
  2. Develop a work plan and implement the responsible person
  Chairman Hao pointed out that the key tasks assigned by the head office to the eight major departments in each quarter must be strictly implemented by each department, assigned to specific responsible persons, and schedule specific completion times for each task. Only by making a good plan, implementing it to the people, and paying attention to the details of all aspects, can we ensure the orderly, punctual, and efficient completion of various tasks, and can help the Enterprise Management Department to track and evaluate the implementation.
  Details reflect a person's attitude towards life and work; at work, we must pay attention to details, discover new ideas in details, open up new fields, fully demonstrate personal innovation awareness and ability, and complete learning and work tasks in an excellent and efficient manner To improve the performance index and achieve greater success in your development, you must treat each job with a high degree of responsibility. Details determine the success or failure of an enterprise to a large extent, and this is the truth that no small matter is an enterprise.
  3. Introduce senior management talents, achieve standardized management, and improve rules and regulations
  In order to better strengthen corporate management and effectively respond to the requirements of “strengthening standards and paying attention to details” in the company’s factory policy in 2014, the company actively introduces senior management talents to strengthen the management of the company’s daily work details and make The affairs shall be standardized and orderly, and comply with the requirements of the company's rules and regulations.
  After the enterprise enters the substantive operation, in order to obtain better and broader development, it is necessary to effectively achieve standardized, scientific, and institutionalized management, combined with the actual situation of our company, and continuously formulate and improve the company's various regulatory documents and implementation rules to clarify The responsibilities of all departments and positions shall be assessed in strict accordance with the job responsibilities. Do a good job of internal control of the enterprise and ensure the orderly operation of the department in coordination. Doing a good job in the internal management of an enterprise and coordinating and handling the relationship between various departments is a prerequisite for the healthy operation of the unit. The departments are organized and coordinated by the company. Through a series of internal management, the company is currently tightly organized and functioning normally and orderly. Practically implement the factory policy of "strengthening specifications and paying attention to details".
  4. Clean well and improve mood
  Spend a few minutes before going to work every day to clean up your office. Documents that need to be archived, rarely used or recently not used, should not be placed on the desk, filed separately to ensure that the office is clean, tidy and orderly. Don’t look at it is just a few small things, but as long as we think about it, we will find the difference: every day we see the desks that have been wiped spotlessly, the floor tiles that have been dragged to shine, are neatly organized. The desk can make everyone have a good mood in the new day. When the mood is good, the work efficiency will naturally increase and the work quality will be guaranteed.
  Regardless of being a person or doing things, you must pay attention to details and start small. "Mount Tai doesn't reject the fine soil, so it can become its height; the river and the sea don't choose the trickle, so it can be deep." Therefore, the gift is not small, and the details determine success or failure. In China, there are many people who want to do big things, but very few people are willing to do small things in detail; we do not lack majestic strategy strategists, we lack executives who strive for perfection; there is no shortage of various management rules and regulations. It is the implementation of the rules and regulations. We must change our impetuous, short-tempered problems, and advocate attention to details and small matters.


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