Wusheng Chunrui Environmental Pollution Hazard Rectification Plan

Wusheng Chunrui Environmental Pollution Hazard Rectification Plan

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Wusheng Chunrui Environmental Pollution Hazard Rectification Plan

Wuchun Medical [2018] No. 16 Issued by: Hu Kui
Environmental Pollution Hazard Correction Plan
Guang'an Environmental Protection Bureau:
  On June 21, 2018, the supervision detachment of your bureau conducted a post-inspection on the implementation of the rectification of our company due to the inspection results on April 10. Our company has completed the installation and networking of exhaust gas online monitoring, standardized the exhaust gas monitoring hole, and blocked it. The dust removal hole repaired the hidden dangers of environmental pollution such as steam drainage pipes. However, there are still problems: First, the boiler induced draft fan pipeline is corroded, and the rectification is not in place; second, the unorganized exhaust gas (including VOC) in the second and fourth production workshops is not collected thoroughly and the rectification is not in place. For this reason, your bureau issued to our company the "Guangshi Huan Responsibility Stop Zi [2018] No. 5" decision to order the suspension of production and rectification.
  After receiving the rectification decision letter, the leaders at all levels of our company attached great importance to it and immediately organized the production department, the safety and environmental protection department, the energy design department, and each workshop to hold a special meeting to discuss each pollution ring node in each production workshop. Based on the principle of source treatment, waste gas collection, and waste gas treatment sequence, with the direction of reducing material exposure and closed operation, the following rectification plan is formulated from the closed optimization of the process operation sequence:

Serial number

Hidden danger site

Environmental hazards

Corrective measures


Second workshop

When aluminum alkoxide reacts to cast aluminum tablets, the odor of isopropanol overflows;

Install the induced air of the reactor into the exhaust gas absorption tower, turn on the induced air, put in the aluminum sheet and seal the manhole cover, and then add isopropanol from the upper tank to avoid the exposure of isopropanol to emit odors, and this operation is included in the operating procedures;


Second workshop

The emptying of the isopropyl alcohol upper tank emits an odor

The emptying of the isopropanol upper tank is connected to the isopropanol storage tank, and the isopropanol upper tank is kept airtight;


Second workshop

The isopropyl alcohol storage tank is emptied and emits an odor;

Install a condenser at the drain of the isopropanol storage tank to condense and recover the isopropanol discharged from the drain. The condenser is evacuated and connected to the exhaust gas absorption system;


Second workshop

The reduction reactor puts solid AlCl3 into the manhole, and the smell overflows

Contact the supplier for packaging according to the feeding amount of 5Kg, install a feeding funnel at the feeding port of the reactor, and add induced air to extract the smell;


Second workshop

The aluminum alkoxide reaction produces hydrogen to be evacuated, entraining the smell of isopropanol;

Install a buffer tank condenser and a hydrogen spray absorption tank, connect the emptying of the aluminum alkoxide reactor to the buffer tank, pass the condenser on the buffer tank to condense isopropanol into liquid recovery, and then enter the lye spray tank for absorption Uncondensed isopropanol entrained by hydrogen to eliminate the odor of isopropanol;


Second workshop

The concentrate dissolving kettle has the smell of hydrochloric acid overflowing from the manhole cover;

Install a vacuum pipeline on the concentrate dissolving kettle, turn on the vacuum to make the dissolving kettle form a slight negative pressure, and vacuum the hydrochloric acid fumes into the water flushing pump and connect to the exhaust gas absorption system;


Second workshop

The smell of the residual liquid of the membrane module of the membrane dehydration system is strong;

Connect the outlet of the membrane module to the isopropanol storage tank with a closed pipe to avoid exposure of the discharged isopropanol to produce odor;


Fourth workshop

The vent pipe of the sodium percarbonate high tank overflows with odor;

Connect the high-position tank to the exhaust gas absorption system to keep the material in a closed state;


Fourth workshop

There is an odor overflow in the empty pipe of the glacial acetic acid high tank

Connect the high-position tank to the exhaust gas absorption system to keep the material in a closed state;


Fourth workshop

When K13 is added with ethyl acetate for extraction and layering, use plastic buckets for transfer, and open operation has a big smell;

Diaphragm pump pipelines are used directly during extraction and stratification, and materials are kept in a closed state during transfer;


Fourth workshop

Sewage collection in the workshop is collected in trenches, and the sewage is exposed to produce odor;

There are sewage ditches in the filling plain, sewage collection pipelines are installed, and all the pollution points are connected to the sewage collection pipelines;


Fourth workshop

When the barreled materials are extracted, the barrel mouth emits an odor;

Build isolation rooms for extracting barreled materials, and add induced air to the exhaust gas absorption system;


Production workshop

In an open-ended reactor, the material evaporates and emits an odor;

All reactors that need to be operated with open mouths are equipped with unorganized gas collecting hoods to collect scattered exhaust gas and enter the exhaust gas absorption system;


Sewage treatment plant

The biochemical pool emits peculiar smell;

Seal the biochemical tank, and then connect the exhaust pipe to the exhaust gas absorption system;

  Our company has decided that the Safety and Environmental Protection Department will be responsible for supervision and cooperation with various departments and workshops to complete the rectification plan for environmental hazards within the time limit for each rectification.
  After completing our company's environmental protection hazard rectification plan, immediately prepare an environmental hazard rectification response report, and request the Guang'an Environmental Protection Bureau to conduct a review and acceptance.
Sichuan Wusheng Chunrui Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd.
July 5th, 2018
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